Senior set to make a lasting impression


Katrina Nazaire

Throughout the year there have been so many memorable moments, such as: Senior Sunrise, Homecoming, Prom, Powder-puff, etc. These are the moments we will one day want to look back on and reminisce.  Luckily, one of East Tech’s own wants to capture these moments in time for the class of 2015 to always remember.

Moises Martinez,  a current Senior in the Marketing Program, is putting together a senior class documentary video. He has been interviewing seniors in the marketing fishbowl.  His interviews consisted of questions that were based on their experiences at East Tech, such as their biggest regret, a favorite memory of theirs, or describing senior year in one word. Some of the answers from the seniors consisted of different emotions, such as joy and sadness. Also, the interviews included all seniors from the three different houses.

The senior video will be played during the graduation ceremony and will also be played during Senior Sunset. A two minute clip will be shown during the graduation ceremony and the rest will be shown during Senior Sunset. The atmosphere will be filled with different emotions during the documentary.