DECA State Competition


Kiana Parkes

DECA stands for Distributive Educational Clubs of America. Every year students in the marketing program have the opportunity to go to a 3-day state competition that takes place at the Flamingo hotel. It is optional for students in the marketing program to attend, but there are many testimonies about how great this opportunity is.

On the first day, the marketing students from other schools in the city of Las Vegas have to take a Marketing Cluster Exam, which is based on marketing skills and content knowledge. There were four different types of Exams that were taken, depending on the category each student was given. It consisted of 100 questions that were multiple choice. After every student had taken their exams, everyone was required to attend the opening ceremony, which was hosted by the DECA State Officers. During the opening ceremony, the state officers welcomed all the participants and advisors who attended the DECA State Competition and talked about what the next few days will consist of. After the ceremony, every competitor was required to check the times of their event and was given their room keys to settle in. Those who missed their event were automatically disqualified and sent home.

On the second day, every student who was competing had to make sure they were prepared for their role play presentation. Each role play consisted of a scenario that was given unto them and had to come up with a solution to solve the problem. Many people were given their scenario in advance, that way they could prepare for their presentation.  After every participant has done their role plays, those who had a couple more events were required to present for their main event. For those who did not have to present, they were free to enjoy the rest of the night until curfew, while the judges tabulated everyones’ scores.

On the third day, everyone had to gather their belongings and transport everything to the storage room and head to the main hall. The closing ceremony is probably the most exciting part of this state experience. Getting your name called over the microphone and having 130 or more people from your school cheering you on is such an exhilarating feeling.  East Tech brought home many astonishing medals, but the greatest award we received was the Chapter of the Year award.

Overall, our experience at the DECA state competition was amazing, due to everyone’s positive charisma along with the memories that were created. It was a great opportunity for everyone who competed, because we were able to show the skills and talents which we possess.