RTC and Uber Will Be Teaming Up Here In Las Vegas

Sandoval, Luis, Reporter

There is a cheaper way to travel through the city of Las Vegas rather than hailing a taxi. RTC (Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada) and the app, Uber has recently teamed up to bring you cheaper fares. Inside of the app you are able to purchase bus tickets and view timetables.

There are only two cities in the United States that have this option. Denver was where the first step was taken. The app began selling bus tickets and train tickets to its customers last year in May. Other cities allow you to see timetables as well as routes in the app, but you weren’t able to directly purchase tickets through the Uber app.

This idea of having to purchase a ticket on your mobile phone is not new. RTC has their own app that functions similarly to the Uber app. You are able to purchase fares as well as view bus routes. However, the use of the Uber app is targeted towards the millions of tourists that visit Las Vegas. People that come from other places are way more likely to have Uber rather than RideRTC.

The way to purchase bus tickets on Uber is easy. It is like choosing a normal ride. You will have various options such as Uber X, XL and an option to ride with RTC. The app will provide you with accurate information towards arrival times and directions to get to stops. The tickets cost the same as regular bus tickets elsewhere.

Having RTC partnering with Uber may see a rise in bus riders. RTC has seen a 29% revenue decline for the past five years. In 2015, RTC was generating $24 million in fiscal. In 2019 that number dropped to $16 million. The popularity of Uber may help RTC gather more people to help recover from their decline.