Allegiant Stadium

Corona-Torres, Brandon, Reporter

As you may know, the new Allegiant Stadium is on its way. There are only a couple of months left until this stadium is finished and ready to go. Even with the mess up on the stadium’s roof, it is said that the finishing date will still be the same. That date is in July of 2020. 

Over 2 billion dollars have been spent on the stadium and who knows how much more will be spent. After spending 50 million dollars on parking, 28 million went into purchasing a land about half a mile away from the stadium. This land was previously owned by Frias Transportation and is a multi-level parking garage that holds up to 2,700 cars. 

In the next month, the many trailers set up just outside of the stadium will be removed for the continuation of the stadium’s construction. This just means that we are getting closer to the final product of what is to be the Allegiant Stadium.