Life After A Earthquake:


When you think or hear about an earthquake you don’t always know what others are 

going through. We only hear about what is going on, but in reality we don’t actually know what 

is really going on. We only see some pictures, but only the people that are in the place know 

what is really going on and how they feel. 

These earthquakes affect the people living in the area. Thousands of people lose their 

homes and can’t find shelter for days. They might not even have the things necessary to survive. 

The most recent earthquake in Puerto Rico had a magnitude of 4.2 which was effective February 

11 at 1:31 P.M. This only happened 9 miles away from Puerto Rico. The picture above captures 

the horrifying things that happened to the buildings around them. The properties all around were 

destroyed. We have discovered that there are many earthquakes happening really close to the 


The report forecasts aftershock duration potential for up to ten years after the magnitude 6.4 

mainshock in southwestern Puerto Rico. This sequence is very active, and the probabilities of 

magnitude 5 and 6 or greater aftershocks remain high now and into the future. 

There are many celebrities that have helped in the past, but we have not heard any 

updates on them giving them money this time or on what’s been given just out of love. As time 

passes by more and more earthquakes occur which leads to many more people having no place to 

stay and just having no idea what to do or toeven go. They have to figure out a way to find food 

or utilities to use for them to survive because they have no other choice as they lose a lot in 

earthquakes it leaves them with nothing but having to restart. People have gone days, weeks and 

even months without having a home. It has been over a month and these earthquakes are still 

currently occurring. The Geological Survey said that residents should be ready for more 

aftershocks in the coming days. The island is almost certain to have dozens more quakes of 

magnitude 3 or higher, and there is a 63 percent chance of an earthquake of magnitude of 5 or