Australian Wildfires

    The Australian wildfires began in late december of 2019 and have spread 15 million acres across the country. The fires are along the eastern and southern coast in places like Sydney and Adelaide. Normally these fires are normal and naturally occuring in Australia but the current fires are so widespread that the entire country is in jeopardy. There have been several animals killed and many more hurt and injured. More than half a billion animals have been killed in the fires. However, the guilt is not only on nature but also on humans and surprisingly a fourth of the fires that have been started were done deliberately by people. People who decided to, without any reason to, go outside and start a fire. These fires were started not just on accident but with a deliberate intent and police have already arrested people because of it. So far 25 people have died because of the fires and the local government is working hard to eradicate these fires and have raised money for recovery. But even with the help of other countries it is still very difficult for people to put out the fires. So difficult that firefighters and other volunteers have began to prevent the fire from spreading any further instead of putting them out.