Columbus Day

Fajardo, Luis and Lu, Jared

In America there are only 10 federal holidays, one of them being Columbus day. So how did this holiday come to be? What does Columbus day represent? 

Columbus day was recently celebrated on the 14 of October. However, Columbus Day has been celebrated as early as the beginning of the 18th century. In the year 1937, it was officially recognized as a federal holiday, which is a very extensive time period for it to be recognized. 

The first ever Columbus Day celebration was back in 1792 in Tammany Hall, which they celebrated Christopher Columbus arriving 300 years after.  

Columbus nowadays is celebrated by various states in the United States. Some business and jobs take the day off for that very day including some schools don’t have classes for that day. But others take it as a normal day and continue their normal working routine. 

Then comes another holiday which formed because of Columbus day: Idigenous Day. In order to remember the natives and the experiences that they went through, some states have replaced Columbus day with Indigenous people day. 

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