East Tech’s Tech Center


Since the school opened, East Tech carried numerous books in their library for the students to research, learn or read a novel in their free time.

Over the summer, 85% of the books from the school library were removed and the furniture was rearranged.  This space is now known to the students as the “Tech Center”.

The traditional concept of the library has changed; we now have a Tech Center.  The concept is meant to promote a collaborative environment for students during the school year.

“The Tech Center will bring an increase in technology and give students a more social and collaborative environment, so that students can work face to face. Students are constantly getting group projects and will now have a good space to work together.”- Mr. Statucki, Dean of students

Statucki also mentioned that the school plans to turn the new empty space into a presentation area. They plan to remove the rest of the empty bookshelves, refurbish the flooring, and add new furniture, such as couches.

There will also a be a career and readiness center as part of the Tech Center.  This will assist students in preparing for the future and help them develop essential college and job readiness skills.

With 21st century learning, we are surrounded with technology and must know how to utilize it. Papers are becoming screens and school libraries support the idea of digital literacy by furnishing the technology and technological instructions.

Only a few books are still available in the East Tech Tech Center, but for any need to access books, e-books are still available for free download.

To access e-books, go to www.gofollett.com. From the location drop down field, select Nevada. In the school search box, type East Career and Technical Academy and click go. Teachers log in with their AD credentials. Students username is their student ID number and the password is their first name.

With the changes coming to the Tech Center, more technology will be available to benefit the students, and one way or another we are still able to access literature- just that this time it’ll be electrically.

Although the Tech Center is currently under construction, it is still open to students every school day.