Senior Sunrise C/O 2018


Nicole Chavez

The moment has come for seniors to enjoy the sunrise over the mountain. You guessed it, it’s time for SEN18R SUNRISE for the Class of 2018!

 Time has flown by;  we aren’t so little anymore and we are now a step closer to becoming adults and creating our paths towards successful careers and lives. Senior Sunrise is more than just hanging out with the senior class and watching the sunrise; it is a realization of all the bittersweet moments we have had since freshman year until now.

This has been a tradition followed since 2010; however, this year was just a little more special. Not only was the senior class of 2018 celebrating their graduating year, they were also celebrating East Career and Technical Academy’s 10th year of being opened!

We owe a great amount of gratitude to our Student Council for organizing this year’s festivities.  They helped to make the moment so much more memorable with  activities, story time, posters, balloons, delicious donuts, and plenty of drinks.

Senior Sunrise is a beautiful tradition that many other schools don’t have the privilege to experience.  For that, we are very thankful. We are very lucky to show our Titan Spirit by walking around the hallways chanting SENIORS and even singing along to High School Musical songs at the top of our lungs and living our “High School Musical” moment.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that is unforgettable to everyone and an amazing way to start a year we saw so far from reaching. Not only that, but we were luck enough to wear our amazing costume 2018 windbreakers and t-shirts to show who we are and represent the class of 2018!

We kicked off the year right, ready to overcome any obstacles and challenges that we might face.  With our heads held high, we are ready to have fun and create the most wonderful memories that we can. 100% graduation rate… WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!