The ICDC Journey

The ICDC Journey

Kiana Parkes

The Marketing and Hospitality program went to the next level and brought 43 students to DECA’s International Career and Development Conference in Anaheim, California. Not just 43 randomly selected students, but 43 students who have made it to nationals after DECA’s State Career and Development Conference held locally. The 43 students who attended the international conference either placed 1st or 2nd in a written event, or placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in an individual series event. The students had the opportunity to choose and prepare in these events, which included the topics of Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, or Finance.

This adventure began on Tuesday, April 25th as the 43 students and 4 chaperones boarded a charter bus at 8:00 am. They touched down in Anaheim, California at 4:00pm. A few states, one being Nevada, were assigned to stay at the Disneyland Hotel.

On the 1st day, East Tech marketing and hospitality students were allowed to get settled in and eat dinner. The seniors who were on this trip went to a senior dinner held by the advisors, Gabriel Silva and Kathleen Carroll. Curfew was 11:30 pm, so after exploring Downtown Disney, students went to their rooms to prepare for the next day ahead of them.

On Wednesday, April 26th, the students had time to go to the Disneyland theme parks or just hang out around the Disneyland hotel.

The next day, Thursday, is when the competition began. Everyone had briefing times online, so the students were held responsible to figure out where they had to be and at what time. Those who were in written events had to go to a briefing to get all the details about their event, as well as turning in their written documents so that the judges can grade them before presentation day.

Those who were in an individual series went into testing. They took a test in their given event and those test results would contribute to the student’s overall score.

Once everyone was done with briefing, East Tech students had the choice to go to a DECA party at Universal Studios, stay at the Disneyland hotel, go to the Disneyland theme parks or stay within Downtown Disney. The DECA Party at Universal Studios was only for DECA participants. The park was closed to anyone who wasn’t in DECA.

Friday was competition day. With the presentation times also located online, the DECA participants from all over the country and Canada  dressed up in DECA blazers and presented to judges on their events. Those who were in individual series had two presentation times, whereas  participants who were in written events had only one presentation time. Once all presentations were over for the students, they were allowed to have the rest of the day to themselves.

Saturday  consisted of award ceremonies. There are two award ceremonies: the first one in the morning was a mini ceremony to announce the top two finalist in each event per judge. Those who made it as a finalist had to present again, that day.

Then the final ceremony announced the overall winners of those who made it to the finals. East Tech had two teams and one individual make it to the next round.

Sunday was the day that the East Tech Titans took the charter bus back to Vegas, ending their journey of the International Career & Development Conference.