A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Since 2008, Mrs Vlaming’s drama department has grown.  She has put together a talented group of individuals who are dedicated to the field. East Tech’s amazingly talented drama students, led by their fabulous drama teacher, Mrs. Vlaming, recreated Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Written in the late 1500s, this classic masterpiece unveils Shakespeare’s endless imagination, with references ranging from Greek mythology, English fairy lore, and Renaissance theatre. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a magical, mystical creature filled love triangle love story.

As stated by Mrs. Vlaming

“In  many ways, A Midsummer Night’s Dream feels like it was written specifically for young people.   It was once considered one of Shakespeare’s lighter and gentlest romantic comedies. The play guarantees the happy ending that we all want, but it is also a story about rebelling against authority, trying to understand how love works, and discovering one’s true identity.”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream had the entire audience captivated and engaged with every line. The actors were professional and poised, knew their lines well and interacted with the audience in a way that made the audience laugh and smile.  

Not only did the audience get to enjoy the play, they also got to enjoy a dinner menu that was inspired by the theme of the play. Dinner was made, presented, and served by East Tech’s very own culinary students.  

The audience was served their food during intermission.  When they sat back down to eat, they were  greeted by fairies who made a bit of small talk, playfully poking people and messing with the little ones in the audience, making sure they stayed engaged throughout the entire production.

The fairy queen, Titania, played by Susan Garcia, came out and allowed each fairy to crown an honorary fairy in the crowd.  This really excited the kids in the audience.

Overall, the reception the play received from students throughout the school was  positive. The production and the costume design were the most praised by the students who viewed the play.

One student, Izabella Roman (Sophomore), was really impressed by the amount of work that went into the hair and makeup of the characters.

“The makeup was really detailed. All of the fairies had unique makeup to go along with their costumes.” -Izabella Roman

Another costume that impressed many of the students was the Fairy King, played by Guy Eversoll.

“He really took the spotlight” said Maricela Chapa (Sophomore).

All in all, the play as a whole was a success; at the end of the performance, the actors came out onto the stage bowing and accepting everyone’s praises before walking off.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a funny, magical, and engaging play that was enjoyed by all.

 Thank you Mrs. Vlaming and all your talented drama students; Chef Hull, Chef Watkins, and Chef Zdanis and your dedicated culinary students;  Mrs. Keiser, Ms. Monti, administration and everyone else who made this production possible.