Eighteen students from East Career & Technical Academy’s Marketing and Hospitality program went on an adventurous trip to New York City on January 25th, 2017. The trip consisted of many sight seeing opportunities that exposed a different side of Hospitality than what we were use to in Las Vegas, NV.  A senior in marketing, Krickett Friend, suggested the trip to New York.  Having experienced West Coast hospitality, she believed it would be interesting to see if there were any similarities or differences on the East Coast. And what better place to explore hospitality and marketing other than New York City, New York!

The 18 students were accompanied by two chaperones: Cathleen Carroll, Hospitality Teacher, and Roy Thompson, Assistant Principal.

The trip was amazing, educational, and many of developed a love for New York.  One day we woke up early and took the subway to our destination, where the tour guide was waiting for us to start the Statue of Liberty tour. A brief history of the dock was given before the tickets to the Statue of Liberty were handed out. Before getting on the ferry to see Lady Liberty, everyone was checked by security. Everyone stood against the freezing wind to capture the breathtaking view of New York and the Statue of Liberty.

There was also a 9/11 tour where we were able to see the exact location of where the twin towers stood; we also had the chance to go into the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

The evenings gave us the opportunities to explore the city and discover new things, including food!  With pizza, milkshakes, burgers, fries, and much more, the only thing lacking was room to fit it all in. A trip was taken to New York University, where we got to check out their campus. Central Park was a wonder to see.  The grandness and size of it was shocking, as was its beauty. People roamed the park with their kids, dogs, friends, and family. Talented people sang under bridges, as we rode around on bikes, or as the riders liked to call them, Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis. It seemed unreal to see all of the scenery that we had previously experienced only  through movies and shows. It was also cool to see places where famous people have lived or are currently living.

Being from Las Vegas, we are used to receiving hospitality and service in a specific matter; in New York we were able to experience customer service in new ways. New York has the stereotype of having rude people, and it was proven both right and wrong. Some of us had bad experiences with service on the bus, because the bus driver was rude and impatient to newcomers. But there were other places where the customer serving was beyond expectations. At Applejack’s Diner, the servers were nothing but nice and attentive. Their service was exemplary, considering the group size of 20 people and the complications that come with that.

For the most part, we found that the service you receive correlates to  how you act. When we were nice and friendly,  servers and workers were  nice and friendly, assuring us a great customer service experience.

A short time period of four days was all we spent in New York, but those four days will stay with us for the rest of our lives. It is simply amazing to be able to say that we had the opportunity to travel to “the Big Apple” with our classmates.



From left to right: Alondra Del Toro, Kiana Parkes, Tanya Castillo, Fabiola Mendoza, Bryanna Castaneda, Ellie Garcia