AB 394 and Its Changes

AB 394 and Its Changes

Leslie Kain

Legislators at the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session approved Assembly Bill 394, determined that the Clark County School District would be reorganized by the 2018-2019 school year. Two legislative committees were put together for the reorganization: an Advisory Committee that developed a plan to reorganize CCSD, and a Technical Advisory Committee that helped the Advisory Committee with their duties. After many Legislative and community input meetings, a regulation was created and approved by the State Board of Education and the Nevada Legislative Commission, becoming a part of Nevada Administration Code 388G.

AB 394 essentially puts into play better communication in the district, a slight shift of roles in administration, and more training for staff. The bill does not, however, “break up” the school district, nor does it create entirely new school districts altogether.

A fairly significant change to the way schools run will include the formation of School Organizational Teams, which began to take shape last year. Every school in the Clark County School District will create teams composed of teachers, parents, support staff, students, and community members. The responsibilities of the teams are to make important decisions regarding the school, decide the school’s budget, have a say in the hiring of new staff members and principals, and align school programs with the community and students’ needs.

School Organizational Team meetings are to be held once a month, with every meeting being open to the public (anyone wanting to voice their thoughts or concerns are welcome to do so).

Training sessions with the community will be performed by the principals of each school; all materials for the trainings sessions are accessible online and open to the public.

It seems that students will remain largely unaffected during the transition, unless they choose to be a part of their school’s organizational team.

For more information about AB 394, visit http://ab394.ccsd.net/.