Tiny Titans


IMG_6604  What do you get when you put children and ducks in the same room?   A great day at East Tech’s Tiny Titan Preschool!

On December 13th and 14th, parents and future Tiny Titan students had the opportunity to come to East Tech for a “Meet and Greet.”  They were able to scope out the classroom that will be run by the education juniors. These students will be attending the Tity Titans Preschool when it opens this January.

For those two days, Ms. Bouch and the education juniors taught and worked with these children and basically managed it like they would a normal preschool day. The books read to the students on those days were “Do Like a Duck Does” by Judy Hindley and “Snow” but Uri Shulevitz.

The lessons for the “Meet and Greet” were directly based off the books. For example, on the 13th when they read “Do Like a Duck Does,” all of the activities were centered around a common theme. The outside activity included playing a game called “Duck, Duck, Go.” At the art table, children were taught that the word “duck,” the letter “d,” and went on to create their own duck out of the letter. With language arts, the children were able to retell the story in the book using a felt board kit with all of the characters. For math, children learned to estimate the number of ducks in a pond by grouping them into sets of five. Children also learned the anatomy of a duck and compared a duck’s footprint to a human’s in science. For their snack, the children got to have a blue jello “pond” complete with Swedish fish and carrot curly cues on top to imitate a pond ecosystem.

IMG_6602  Linda Bouch is the freshman and junior education teacher here at East Career and Technical Academy. Shas helped develop the exceptional preschool with former education teacher, Mrs. Fullmer.  The goal of Tiny Titans Preschool is to help her juniors gain exposure to real life situations and offer insight on whether or not the students would like to pursue a job in the field of early education.

Tiny Titans really helps the education students learn about teaching and other situations that may arise in almost any age group. One of the juniors, Carlos Lainez explained,

“The Education Program has taught me a lot and showed me how to think outside of the box when developing lesson plans for children.”

Even though he would rather teach at the middle or high school level, he still believes that this program and Ms. Bouch’s classes will help him, regardless of what level he teaches. .

Students in Ms. Bouch’s second class have already been through two education classes, as well as a semester of  preparing for the preschool. In previous years, education students learn about how to recognize growth and the learning abilities of young children. They learn about integrated curriculum and how to turn games into learning activities for children. During the remaining semester, when they are not in the preschool, they will be working on other lessons and creating new activities to learn even more about young children and how to be an effective educator.

The preschoolers will be back on January 24, 2017 for the actual first day of operation. The preschool is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Registration applications are available at East Tech’s front desk for anyone interested in bringing a younger family member over.