Raiders Hit A Bump In The Road With Plans For Vegas


Just recently, Sheldon Adelson, one of the Raiders investors, backed out of the plan to invest in the new Raider’s stadium. The cost for the stadium is $1.9 billion and by Adelson backing out, this cuts out about a third of the amount needed. In order for the Raiders stadium to still be built, they now have to find a new investor to back up that part of the expense. Nevertheless, the team’s plan for the stadium are still in tact; they are just now faced with the difficult task of  finding a new supporter that will be willing to work along with them and cover the expense.

Earlier when discussing the relocation of the Oakland Raiders, the idea of moving to Las Vegas was sort of a shock. Teams have always been against the idea of having a stadium in Las Vegas, the city known for casinos and gambling.

However,  the idea hasn’t been turned down as harshly and they have come to consider it. In order for the relocation to  happen, they have to get 24 out of the 32 teams to agree. This vote can take place as soon as March.  

 Reactions to the idea of the relocation comes in many multitudes…from happy, sad, excited, mad, bummed, and ecstatic! Some of the major Raiders fans are very unhappy with the idea of the Raiders relocation. They feel betrayed that they are leaving their home.

However, there are a great amount of fans that are excited and hopeful about the idea and hope that the team will be able to excel as the Las Vegas Raiders.

So, how do our locals feels about the Las Vegas Raiders? Well, some are really excited about the move; they think it’s a great, new experience for Las Vegas. We’ve never had an NFL stadium in Las Vegas and some people are ready for this change! Also, having a super bowl in Las Vegas would be extremely cool. Others seem to dread the traffic, drama, and sports talk in general. Some don’t even like the team and don’t want them here at all.  However this is not a choice for us to make; we’ll just have to see what the future has in store for the Raiders and for Las Vegas.