Life After High School-Forever a Titan


Leslie Kain

East Career and Technical Academy alumni and current students met on Tuesday, December 6th, in the East Tech cafeteria for the annual Life After High School Night. The groups discussed college and what life is like after graduation.

The almost 40 alumni that attended the event are members of the Forever an East Tech Titan Alumni Club that began in 2012 at East Tech; they established a scholarship fund to honor the former Principal Glenda Goetting, along with two students who passed away in automobile accidents. The club has about 200 members as of now, but 25 are what Jayme Rawson, alumni faculty advisor, college coordinator, and achievement coach at East Tech, describes as “extremely active”.

She said the members of the club provide a tremendous service to currently enrolled students by establishing scholarships and giving advice about college and careers.

Co-president, Nicky Huynh, said students in grades nine through twelve had an opportunity to meet and learn from alumni in all walks of life. Huynh, East Tech graduate and senior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has been running the club for about a year with his twin brother, Randy.

“We want to make sure everyone still feels connected. This is a great way for us to share our stories with students who are still in high school,” said Huynh.

Though many people think of class reunions when alumni associations are brought up, Rawson says the Alumni Club is still quite a ways off from dealing with reunions and other events such as these. The main focus is helping and supporting current students, for now.

“We want them to know that we are still invested in their futures. We are not just sending them out into the world. We want them to feel like they can come back and ask questions and get help,” Jayme Rawson

Rawson also mentioned how a lot of schools find the task of keeping track of their alumni “daunting”, along with helping the alumni form and fund scholarships and other aid to students. Though this may be the case with other schools, East Tech’s Alumni Club has been seen as incredibly beneficial to both the students and the community.

“An alumni association unleashes a wealth of untapped resources for the school and connections for its students as they move into college and the world of work,” she explained. Rawson said the key to creating an alumni club is allowing students and class officers lead the way, “they will come up with amazing things they can do to support the school.”