East Tech’s Mechanical Technology Program Receives Generous Donation from Desert Diamond Industries


East Tech Receives Generous Donation from Desert Diamond Industries


Recently, 15 students from East Tech competed at the Welding Thunder Competition at the annual FabTech Convention. All competitors have knowledge in oxy-fuel, shield metal arc welding, metal inert gas welding, machine setting and weld bead control that East Tech’s Mechanical Technology Program offers. Over the past three years, Mr. Centeno, the teacher of the welding electives, teaches students to learn how to use various tools, including an abrasive metal-cutting machine, a plasma cutter, a sheet metal brake, a sheet metal shear, a throatless shear, and a sheet metal roller.

After the competition, Nicholas Mione, CEO/Owner of Desert Diamond Industries and one of the benefactors of East Tech’s team, presented Ms. Delgado, principal of East Tech, and Mr. Centeno with a $1,500 donation.

Desert Diamonds Industries also gave the MT program boxes of welding safety blades worth approximately $2,000. Right after presenting the check and the blades, Nicholas Mione spent an hour with the students telling them about his company and his design and showed them how to use the blades.

Mr. Mione, a graduate from ATTC and a worker from the construction industry, saw the continual use of low quality abrasive blades on jobs and how this often times led to injuries. This led Mr. Mione and his brother to seek their own blade design concept. Today their company is a $2 million dollar business and growing. Their goal is to ban abrasive blades worldwide; their vision includes a world where students in vocational programs and employees can operate blades that do not explode during use or emit cancer-causing abrasive dust.

East Tech is incredibly grateful for Mr. Mione’s donation and we are proud to partner with Desert Diamond Industries.