ECTA Construction “Catapults” to Victory

ECTA Construction Catapults to Victory

Leslie Kain

The year 2016 marked the first time that East Tech’s Construction Technology program participated in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Recycling Pumpkin event. Mr. Bulah and Mr. Vega’s junior and senior students built catapults to be used for “chucking” pumpkins in an event to recycle them.

The Chair of UNLV’s Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering, Dr. Hayes, and UNLV Sustainability Coordinator, Tara Pike-Nordstrom, asked Mr. Vega over the summer if he would like his students to be involved with the event by designing and building their own catapults, and he said yes.

Students split into teams of six to eight and began building prototypes before creating their final products. When they were finished, five large catapults were built and painted with different colors, including our school colors. The catapults were tested to ensure they would not snap under the pressure of the pumpkins.

The event took place on Saturday, November 5th, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Galleria Mall. Students loaded their pumpkins onto the catapults and chucked them into a large garbage bin, and when it was over, they felt accomplished and satisfied.

“This was a great experience for students and myself. I cannot wait to see what we will do next year with some new modifications,” Mr. Vega stated.

Angely Ventura, a senior in the Construction program said,

“I thought our catapult would not work out because we had to make so many changes, but in the end, it did, and it was chosen as the favorite design at the end!”

The pumpkin remains will be composted at Terra Firma Organics so that they can be incorporated back into the Las Vegas Valley.

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