The season of fuzzy socks, chunky sweaters, crisp air, pumpkin spice, and warm drinks is right around the corner. Ahhh, Fall! A time of year that many enjoy for a variety of reasons. Free from the stifling summer heat, popular places like Starbucks and Forever 21 start to release their cozy, fall related things. Football season, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Homecoming are on everybody’s radar.

Although East Tech may not have a football team, that does not mean we do not have our own Homecoming traditions.   Homecoming has traditions that spread from coast to coast. At East Tech, we have a few traditions of our own, from asking dates, to spirit weeks, and assemblies leading up to the dance.

Homecoming is the first dance of our school year, setting the expectations for the dances that follow. This year’s Homecoming dance will be held in the school’s cafeteria on Saturday, October 22 from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M.

Selling of presale tickets start on, October 13th to the 15th. The following week, the tickets will go up to $20, and at the door the entrance price will be $25.

Students all over campus are eager to ask someone to be their date and a majority of the students are on the edge of their seats to see who will ask them to the dance.

We asked some fellow Titans how they would like to be asked to Homecoming.

“I honestly don’t care about the way someone would propose to me for homecoming. If they just ask me, then that’s cool. If they do something, that’s cool. I think the thing that matters the most is knowing that someone wants to go to homecoming with you. It doesn’t matter the way they propose it.” – Kristianny Ruelas, 9th grade Marketing

“I want them to bring me a gift or goodie bag with snacks. And I don’t want it to be awkward at all, and not in school. Also while he’s asking me out, I want a person that’s good at taking pictures, so I can post them.” – Venziana Gomez, 10th grade

Hennah Ramit, a 10th grader at ECTA, plays volleyball for Las Vegas High’s junior varsity team. Her boyfriend, Jonah Viray, who is a junior varsity football player at Las Vegas, asked Hennah with a volleyball that said, “We would be the perfect set to kill it at HOCO.”

Amari Walker, 10th grader in Medical, plans to let his inner poet shine when asking his girlfriend to Homecoming. “Roses are red, tiaras are stunning, come to be my princess at this year’s Homecoming.” Along with his poster he plans to gift her with a tiara, roses, and chocolates.