Senior Marketing Students Change Up Halloween Carnival Theme


This year,    East Tech’s  senior marketing students  have put a “twist” on tales when coming up with the theme for the Halloween Carnival. They believe the theme of “Twisted Tales” will unveil their creativity like never before, making this Carnival the best to date.

The haunted house this year is more psychotic than ever, based on the original Grimm tales, by the Grimm brothers.

 When we think of fairy tales from childhood, they usually have a magical connotation.  However, there are dark and horrifying origins to many tales.  The legends behind many tales can be traced back to actual historic events that involve hideous occurrences, too dark to mention.  

This year’s carnival is guaranteed to bring back your favorite childhood stories in the worst way possible. For example, did you know in the original tale of Cinderella, the step sisters cut off parts of their feet just to try to fit into the glass slipper? Creepy!

This carnival will make sure you never look at fairy tales the same way…ever again! 

 The carnival will also have a variety of fun games and food. Some of the new games this year include: blood pong, pumpkin ring toss, and bobbing for apples; there will also be new attractions, like mind reading, tarot card fortune telling, and balloon animals.

A variety of foods will be sold, including popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, and even horchata.  Even though the carnival will have a new twist”, the marketing students will still manage to keep the traditions of our past East Tech Halloween Carnivals.  

With all this hype and excitement, `