Teacher Banquets

Teacher Banquets

Teachers, culinary students, along with the help and expertise of our amazing Chefs, are preparing their first teacher banquet of the year to be held on Friday September 30.  After this Friday, teachers can look forward to a restaurant style lunch in the banquet hall every Friday.

The banquets give culinary students the opportunity to train themselves to work in the workplace. It’s an opportunity for students going into the culinary field to start learning the basics of customer service, food handling, and much more.

So what really goes into the preparation? We took the time to interview Chef Watkins, the chef in charge of banquets, asking him a variety of questions on how long banquets take to prepare, how many teachers show up, and what dishes are served?

“ It depends on what day it actually falls on. If it’s on an A day, my 1st and 3rd period classes prepare the food to serve during 5th and 7th; if it falls on a B day, I’ll have preparation in the morning, so 4th period can finish preparing and then serve during 6th. Dishes vary during the time of season.  There are different themes, but all very delicious foods. During these banquets almost all teachers come and pay for their lunch, which means my students have to prepare food for around 40-45 staff members.” – Chef Watkins

Chef Watkins has been doing teacher banquets before he even began working at East Career and Technical Academy. He finds that the banquets are very beneficial in the education of his students and their preparation in workplace.

“I and my students hope to see all teachers on our first banquet held on September 30th!”
Thank you Chef Watkins and Culinary! The staff really appreciates all you do!