Cafe BleuMont


East Tech’s very own  Cafe BleuMont will be opening up for the 2016-2017 school year on Thursday, October 13.  

 Everyone is looking forward to tasting the mouthwatering new items and welcoming back ECTA’s traditional favorites.  It has tentatively been decided that the Cafe will  be open every Thursday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Check back around the Culinary building for more information or keep an ear out for further announcements on Good Morning East Tech broadcast news for more details. 

Chef Hull is also introducing special “to-go” orders for all teachers and staff. The first hot item on the menu will be handmade Barbeque Chicken Pizza, made from Chef Hull’s own personal recipe.

Cafe BleuMont’s menu will consist of a variety of mouthwatering favorites.  For example, chicken fingers will be back with a new twist (new dipping sauce). For the potato lovers out there, there will be french fries and chilli fries. Cheese lovers, they will be welcoming back the famous cheese curds with homemade ranch dressing and hot sauce. To wash down your delicious meals, the Cafe has a wide variety of beverages to choose from: frozen coffee drinks, cream sodas, and Mexican Coke. For a healthy snack, come in and enjoy a parfait with real granola made from scratch. Many more food items to come, so stay updated!

Chef Diana Hull, Chef Instructor and Supervisor of Cafe BleuMont, has been part of the East Tech family since 2013.  She has been in charge of the Cafe since then, working to improve the Cafe’s quality products. Her first experience running the cafe was challenging, but things have fallen into place.  Since she has taken over, the quality of Cafe BleuMont has increased; she decided to revamp the menu and started making food from scratch.  

“Everything was out-of-the-box when I started here,” says Hull, and she likes the change she made.

One of the main reasons why she likes to participate in the running of Cafe BleuMont is because she enjoys putting in her part with helping out the CTSO’s (Career and Technical Student Organizations). She believes it is a very beneficial program to run internships for the shop.