Senior Sunrise 2016-2017


Alejandra Padilla

Finally, the time that the class of 2017 has been waiting for!  SENIOR SUNRISE! Friday, September 23, 2016, East Tech seniors will be watching the sunrise over the mountains right behind our school. It is a time of reflecting on past memories and rejoicing future ones to come. Finally, we have made it to our senior year; a strangely bittersweet period in our lives.  Exciting because it is something that we’ve all been waiting for, yet sad because our time has come to walk across a stage, grow up and leave high school.

Senior sunrise has always been a tradition that seniors love to do while celebrating as a class together. East Tech’s seniors will meet on the field at 5:30 am dressed  in their new customized East Tech royalty gear and ready to get their Titan Spirit on. While there, student council will be hosting lots of fun games and activities; there will also be a picture booth, balloons and they will be selling doughnuts and horchata.

Christina Wong, a medical senior, gave us some insight on  how she feels about senior sunrise.  

“I am super excited to finally be a senior. I remember like it was yesterday that it was my first day of public school. I was homeschooled from 3rd to 8th grade, so starting high school was a big deal for me. Now that I have made it this far, I am so happy to be here. Senior sunrise is something I have really looked forward to and it is next week! I hope to finish my crown soon and get my squad breakfast plans in order. I hope it turns out as good as imagined!”

At the end of the year, seniors will conclude their high school experience with a senior sunset full of tears and reminiscing all the great memories they shared throughout their time at East Tech. Until senior sunset seniors…