Alterations in Classes and Electives for 2016/2017

Alterations in Classes and Electives for 2016/2017

As the 2015/2016 school year comes to an end,  our new administration contemplates modifications for the new year and years to come about classes and electives. There are some changes with electives for the upcoming year, with some electives being dropped and others being added.

Some new classes and electives that may be offered include AP Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, Forensic Science II, AP Spanish, Spanish III, and Animation. There are a few factors that will help decipher whether or not these new classes will be added to next year’s schedule, such as: how many students sign up and teacher availability.  

There are also some classes that require prerequisites. For example, AP Computer Science is only offered to students that have met the requirements with regular computer science; Forensic Science II students must have previously taken Forensic Science I. AP Spanish and Spanish III have been considered because many students every year want to take Spanish classes; however, there is not enough room. By adding AP Spanish and Spanish III,  it allows students to have many more opportunities. Furthermore, the expansion of foreign language is hoped to be beneficial.

These changes were made because the administration wants electives to correspond with the programs at East Tech. An example would be bringing back Entrepreneurship as an elective. Each program, such as Medical Professions, Automotive, Construction, Marketing, etc.,  all need students to have an understanding on how to run a business. With running a business, graphic design is further extended, because students must have knowledge about technology with coding, knowing how to run a website, etc.

With revision in electives, there will be certain classes that will no longer be available, such as Driver’s Ed, History of Pop and Music, and Imaginative Writing, due to the fact that these classes do not meet the criteria to help students within their programs. Any additional information about the classes that will be included is posted on under the Course Catalog.