Decentralizing the Clark County School District


Superintendent plans to decentralize CCSD: brings attention to fellow board members, legislators, CCSD workers, students, and parents

Carley Ford

The Clark County School District is the nation’s fifth largest school district, with close to 320,000 students. There has been talk about dividing the district into smaller districts or precincts. The CCSD Superintendent proposed the district be broken up into seven precincts, with “autonomy given to each.” However, several departments would remain intact to service all seven precincts. These departments would include: Human resources, employee contracts, maintenance and transportation, magnet programs and special education.

The Review Journal expresses that while under a decentralized system, individual schools would be able to have absolute control over their own budgets. A decentralized system would cut unnecessary spending from administration and direct resources to where they are needed most, in the classroom. Since late October, Legislators and Community leaders have been meeting to discuss the decentralization of CCSD.

Supporters feel that by decentralizing the school system, parents and teachers will become more closed in with upcoming school activities and school plans for the students. From my own viewpoint, I feel that if this does go into effect, I wouldn’t mind as long as I can continue to go to the same school.

According to some school principals and central administrators involved in the process, they would like to see the split happen before the 2016-17 school year begins. Members of the public took the opportunity during a Q&A session asking what the real purpose of the division would be. City and county authorities answered by saying its focus isn’t about breaking down the district but more towards decentralizing authority within the district.