New Teacher Contract is Official!


Leslie Kain

Officials of the Clark County School District unanimously approved of the new teacher contract on Thursday, January 14th. The contract includes a 15 percent increase in the starting pay of new CCSD teachers, and all teachers will receive a 2.25 percent increase in their salaries, due to higher costs of living, beginning on July 1. Teachers’ salaries have been frozen for the last several years, with no pay increase happening until this year.

The school district says it will pay for these changes by cutting costs in maintenance and human resources management, along with other areas.

With the increased salary comes a little bit more work for the teachers, however. Professional development days have gone from the original four per year the teachers would spend at their school, to eight, where half of those days must be spent outside of the classroom. Teachers are eligible for pay raises if they complete all eight development days each school year.

The superintendent of the Clark County School District, Pat Skorkowsky, supports the extra professional development days because it gives teachers the opportunity to talk to each other about issues going on in their school, and how to fix those issues. Teachers have been trying to negotiate the new contract since June of 2015, and it was finally agreed upon in a meeting with school district officials on December 19th of last year.

Congratulations, teachers!