ECTA Welcomes New Administration


Mary Gallardo

6 Questions with East Tech’s new Assistant Principal


On the last week of October 2015, one of East Tech’s assistant principals, Tina Statucki, was offered a position as Principal at North West Career and Technical Academy. Mrs. Statucki will definitely be missed and we wish her the best of luck. NWCTA is lucky to have her! Our dean of students, Caroline Bohlecke, took the opportunity to apply for this newly vacant position and was offered the job as ECTA’s new AP. Bohlecke described how she’s been longing for an AP position since she started in the administration field. Needless to say, it was an honor to interview Mrs. Bohlecke and gain some insight into what she is looking forward to in her new position.


Q: What’s the number one thing you will miss about being a dean?

A: I think it’s working directly with students everyday, talking to kids and helping them get through their issues is probably my favorite thing. But now that I’m an assistant principal, I’m definitely going to try more to be involved with student activities.


Q: As a former dean, what qualities will you use from your old job to now as an assistant principal?

A: It goes back to working with people; of course you have organization specialism. However, it goes back to working with students and trying to make the students have the best experience possible, no matter what the situation is.


Q: Do you think you will still be as strict with dress code as you were as a dean?

A: YES! That will never change. Dress code is important! We have the dress code because East Tech is getting all of the students ready for college readiness. It’s important to understand that when you go out in public, people are going to get a perception of you and you can’t change that once it’s there. People will perceive you in a certain way based off how you dress. At East Tech, we represent! We represent the great things we do here not only from our programs and what we can offer, but also from the great clothes we wear. We invite people to our campus frequently to see the amazing things we do here and to hopefully bring some of our amazing qualities to other schools. How we dress is important! Of course it doesn’t have to be professional all the time, but appropriate for the situation at the time.


Q: How did you feel when you found out you got the job?

A: I felt super excited! When you go into administration, you know you’re going to be a dean for a while. The next step is to be an assistant principal, and this is another step for me. I love learning. I think this is a characteristic many in the field of education possess. If we lose a desire to stop learning, we’re in the wrong business, right? So as an assistant principal, I get to learn whole new criteria. I got to learn a lot as a dean and there was still more to learn. Now as an assistant principal, I get to keep learning! It’s all about continuing to make the best student experience and curriculum.


Q: Will you miss dealing with students’ drama?

A: Well…like I said, I love working with students. Of course drama comes to the office, but I will miss it, because that ‘drama’ as we’re calling it, is real! Helping people to see how to work through any situation… that’s a life skill! I wish I could say that drama goes away, but it doesn’t. We’re always going to have situations we have to deal with, so being able to help not only students work through it, but teachers and parents as well, is a really cool thing to be able do. Yes, I will definitely miss it, but I hope I still get involved, in some little way!


Q: What’s your advice for the new dean?

B: Always remember that every consequence we give in the dean’s office is based on the action that happened and it’s intended to help students grow. I don’t ever want to punish a student, just for punishment sake. I make sure we are always growing. Every time a student makes a mistake, it is a growing experience. We are not going to judge them for the mistake they’ve done. We’re going to give a consequence based on it, and it’s intended to help them not do it again. That’s my advice; to always remember that every single interaction with kids, that every time they get in trouble, it’s just a mistake. We learn from it. Grow from it. We all make them; nobody’s perfect.