Black Friday

Black Friday

Kate Menning

Black Friday. We all know and love it for it’s amazing sales and the rush of adrenaline you get when you find that perfect sweater you wanted for 60% off. But there is more to Black Friday than marked down price tags and big crowds.


Black Friday is, traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving. But in 2012 Wal-Mart (the largest retailer in the world) opened it’s Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, causing many other retailers to follow, in order to keep up.


There is a lot of controversy on where the name “Black Friday” comes from. Some people say it was because the up in sales at the start of the holiday shopping season, insured that all stores were “in the black”, meaning they had a positive net income versus being “in the red”, or having a negative net income.


Contrary to common belief, Black Friday is not the busiest or most marked down day in stores. This is generally the last Saturday before Christmas day, when last minute shoppers rush to get the last of their holiday needs. During this time, prices can be 10%15% lower than on Black Friday.


Some of last years “crazy Black Friday sales” included 40% off all apparel and $4 movies at Target, 50% off all toys at Kohl’s, and $ 200 off a 21.5inch iMac with 8 GB of memory at Best Buy.


If you are willing to brave the crowds, Black Friday can be a fun experience and a chance to find good buys or get a head start on your holiday shopping.