Welcome to ECTA


On August 24, Ms. Kathleen Carroll started her new journey here at East Tech.  She is the new hospitality teacher for House 2 seniors.  She has been living in Las Vegas since her high school days where she graduated from Bonanza High school. Coming from a large family, she has managed to become successful as a hotel manager and a teacher. She says,

“Hotel management has brought out my strength and confidence that I didn’t even know I had in myself.  Coming from teaching at a middle school is a big transition to teaching high school. I haven’t had to tell any of my students to stop running.”

She plans on getting as many seniors involved in DECA as she can this year. Throughout the year, she hopes to give the hospitality seniors hands-on tasks with real life hospitality industry events. For the annual hospitality field trip, Kathleen plans on taking her students to participate in real-life conventions and to see how hotel systems work. If you ever want to make her day, all it takes is a simple cup of coffee.   East Tech would like to welcome you to The Mountain!