“Suicide Forest”


Sherlyn DeLira

article-2127414-12876D95000005DC-951_634x332 Aokigahara Forest or better known as the Suicide Forest is home to a macabre series of events. Since the 1950s thousands of people have wondered off into the forest and have never returned. This is because in Aokigahara people go to commit suicide. As twisted and awful as it sounds, this is very common in the forest, but certain preventative measures are being taken.

Aokigahara has many nicknames, such as Jukai or “Sea of Trees” but the most common is the nickname it gets from its twisted events, “Suicide Forest”. Located at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, tourists are not aware of the actual things that are taking place in this beautiful forest. Since 1951, 100 bodies have been found inside the forest and every year the toll increases. When people go to the forest their cars are usually left out in the parking lot, some come out and go home, but cars that have accumulated dust are a clear clue that their respective owners will not be back. Since Jukai is a tourist attraction, there are marked areas in which people go and explore the forest, but those with other motives go off and wonder into restricted areas and hang themselves or take pills. Some even go as far as renting a cabin, taking their most valuable things and taking poison. All over the forest, suicide prevention signs are posted along with phone numbers to prevent people from doing this whole thing. Japanese authorities have not done anything about this situation because they do not view this as wrong, although they have high suicide rates countrywide. No one really knows who or what drives people to do this certain terrible act but one thing is certain, impact caused on others is one of sadness and despair.

To put things in a much more professional perspective, Dr. Hayano has been investigating the forest for the past 30 years. He goes into the forest and tries to find out what the motive for people is. As he strolls across the forest he uncovers many bodies that are already bone hanging from a tree or laying down in a tent. He also makes note that some people are hesitant about committing suicide since some hang notes with their motive for what they are about to do. Dr. Hayano also says that some back out and go home to their loved ones and get help. Whatever the case may be, there is always a solution to a problem and getting help is a step towards fixing it. It is important to remember that we will always have people by our side that care about us and would be devastated to see us go.


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