Apprenticeship 2000

Sherlyn DeLira

One of the biggest setbacks for college or university is the price. In 2012, about 40% of college graduates left school with an average of $40,000 in debt. Although this may sound a bit scary, more and more schools are starting to take action. The Apprenticeship program in North Carolina is one example, helping students work and pay off their debt. In Illinois, Blackburn College is also taking an initiative by allowing students to work on campus and remove some of their tuition. Now, attending college or university is not as hard and there are no excuses.

In North Carolina, the Apprenticeship 2000 program is a 4-year program partnered with local companies and colleges. Our workforce today requires that people be well educated in technology and what better people for the job than juniors and seniors from high school. This program has all the benefits of a real job. Some of them are medical/dental insurance, training; paid holidays, travel opportunities and a guaranteed job after graduation. Students are not only learning about manufacturing jobs but they are getting paid to go to school and they earn a minimum of $34k at the end of the program. Such a great opportunity may sound like they have a lot of demands but they only require the students to have completed courses in geometry and algebra and maintain a 2.8 GPA. The Apprenticeship 2000 program has helped hundreds of people since 1995 and there are many more to come.

Another program is in Blackburn College in Illinois. Blackburn offers students to work on campus renovations and eliminates some of their college tuition. The credit is only $2,640, but with scholarships and grants, you basically go to school for free. One thing to keep in mind is that this program is only offered in this school.

Now a day it is a struggle to go to college because of the vast amount of debt. With programs like the Apprenticeship 2000 and the Blackburn College, students have one less thing to worry about and focus on what is important, their future and education.