Nightmare on Hollywood: Urban Legends


The leaves are falling and the winds are blowing, which can only mean one thing…..Halloween is right around the corner. As always, East Tech will hold our yearly halloween carnival on Wednesday October 22 at 5 p.m.  This year’s theme is urban legends. Bloody Mary, Slender Man, The Blair Witch Project….all  different urban legends meant to scare the boots out of anyone! Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this horrifically heart-racing, entertaining environment.

We wanted to find out what else Marketing has planned for the carnival. We interviewed some marketing seniors to find out what activities and games we can expect.  There will be a variety of games and a delicious bbq! Some of the games showcased will be Black Agony, Hatchet Toss and the Devil’s Toss. We can also expect to see a mechanical bull, dunk tank, and the ever spectacular haunted house.

Meshach Cisneros is working on the haunted house. He said this year’s theme is urban legends, and

“It’s going to be the scariest one yet.”

With different types of characters like Annabelle, the boogie man, la llorana, and many more, you don’t know what will be hiding around the corner and have you running for your life. Enter if you dare…hopefully you will make it out alive……..