From Hoboken to Vegas! Meet Buddy Valastro


Susana Martinez

Buddy Valastro brings the best of Hoboken, New Jersey to Las Vegas!

Buddy Valastro is an Italian/ New Yorker that is known nationally from the famous television show, “Cake Boss”. The show consists of literally anything brought to life in the most delicious way ever, cake. He has some of the most well-known people come to his bakery just so they can have a cake or any other baked goods. Anyone is able to enjoy these delicacies. His work varies from making a cake replica of a life-size car, to an unbelievable working Transformer.

Just a few months ago, Las Vegans would have to take a trip across the country to enjoy a Carlos Cake. Today, Carlos’ Bakery is right in our backyard! Carlos Bakery is now located inside The Palazzo! He has brought his restaurant as well, Buddy V’s Ristorante.

East Tech Senior’s are able to get the experience of interning at both of these awesome places! A few seniors from the Culinary program got the chance to work as interns at either Carlos Bakery or Buddy V’s Ristorante. They are given the opportunity to work in the same environment where some of the world’s best cakes are baked.