Meet the Monitors



“Hall Monitors” usually you hear these words and a feeling of terror enters your system. Why do we feel intimidated by them? Why do we judge them without knowing their job? Well, a monitor’s job is to assist students in their necessities, look over them and enforce school rules. In order to qualify for the position the person must undergo various exams, have at least an associate’s degree, and 60 semester hours. Now it isn’t as easy as you think hu?

Around East Tech we have three monitors Tashanda Woods, Terrance Weathers and Marshall Cobb. You might not be aware but they are always there. As their job they have to deal with us and we must try our best to make their job as easy as possible. When asked what he likes most about his job Terrance said in a playful tone, “I get to mess with you kids! Nah, only joking. The fact that I can help you guys out is enough.” He then proceeded to pose for our picture.

So remember Titans, next time you see a monitor don’t be afraid to say hi because you might just make their day!