ECTA A History: Skills USA Comes Out On Top

Anny Ayala is part of the team that won first place this year at the Skills USA: CSI competition. She’s been accepted to UNLV, will be majoring in criminal justice, and one day hopes to become a part of our nation’s security system.

I met Anny sophomore year when I stole her pizza…. more than once. Anny and I always shared mutual friends, so that is how our friendship began.  She became curious about the kid who was always trying to steal her pizza, which was me!  Now in our senior year I can proudly say she’d give me a bite of her pizza without trying to murder me for being such a food thief.
When I brought up this story to her she laughed alongside with me. Of course this caused us to reminiscence about our past years here at East Tech. She mentioned how looking back at her past experience gives her a sense of accomplishment, especially now with the Rebel life at UNLV approaching so quickly.

“I feel like our school has prepared me for college life. I feel like I won’t struggle as much, I’m not expecting it to be easy, but I feel comfortable.”

I asked Anny if she had expected to win first place at Skills, this is what she had to say.

“I always thought we had a chance, but the other teams just looked so good. When they called us up to retrieve our medals I was so shocked. I hadn’t realized I had walked up the stage until I was already there.”

Although Anny speaks so modestly about her experience at Skills, I can’t help but notice the underlying force that has driven her to her success for the past years. However I do have to take into account the years of friendship for my insight. Anny is driven to her success by her curiosity to understand and take chances with things that could lead her to a prosperous outcome. She’s a sure fighter, which is why I asked her about senioritis, because it takes out even the best of us.

“Senioritis hits hard! Math and Spanish were the biggest casualties.”

Anny is also gifted with art. She can paint, enjoys reading Stephen King, watching horror movies, and listening to FIDLAR. She assures me that she believes she can handle her future academic career gracefully due to her experience at the Academy. Of course, from all of us at The Mountain View, myself included, we wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors and hope you fulfill your dreams of criminal justice. We’re also cheering you on for the Skills USA nationals in Kansas City, Missouri. Go get em’.

“If you aren’t expecting work then think your options through a little more before committing to East Tech. Also don’t think you’re better than upperclassmen, you’ll understand this later in your high school career.”

– Anny Ayala to incoming and present Freshmen of the Academy