How Technology and Social Media Affects Us In Our Daily Lives

Perkins, Makaila

      Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Although it’s made our lives easier, technology and social media have  had negative effects on people worldwide. Physically, the device’s screen can be harmful to the user. Constantly staring at the screen of a smartphone for example can leave you with blurred vision and headaches, and the forward-leaning position can lead to neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Your hands may also be affected due to the repetitive motions of your wrists and fingers. Sleep is also an issue in this case. Devices produce blue light which can suppress melatonin in the body preventing the person from getting that much needed rest.

     Technology also affects people emotionally and mentally. Due to social media, teens often find themselves being isolated from their environment or trying to avoid serious issues they might be dealing with. For example, an article from healthline says “ The researchers found that those with high social media use felt more socially isolated than those who spent less time on social media.” People’s actions and emotions can also be a result of time they spend on their devices. The article also states, “ The researchers also said that there might be an association between problematic internet use and depression, substance use, and aggressive behavior.” These studies prove that both social media and technology can be harmful if they are continued to be obsessively used.