The Return of the Pro Wrestling Wars

During the late 90’s one of pop culture’s most popular fads was professional wrestling. This time period was known as the Monday Night Wars. Every Monday, pro wrestling fans would channel flip and DVR episodes of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network and Monday Nitro on TNT. Every Monday night each show would take jabs at the other show while displaying crazy sequences to keep the viewer focused on that certain show. The franchise battle was between the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, which lasted from 1996 to 2001.


Ultimately the Monday Night Wars concluded with an announcement of WWF purchasing WCW and concluding the Nitro series with Vince McMahon laughing maniacally at WCW fans and his billionaire enemy Ted Turner, former owner of WCW. The final Nitro episode had a commemorative main event between Sting and Ric Flair.


On September 1st, 2018, a pro wrestling clique called The Elite had challenged themselves and the wrestling industry to create an independent product by creating a sold out event named All In, in which a series of events have led to the debut of its TV product series called Wednesday Night Dynamite. The stars of the new show consist of world renowned talent from former WWE superstars like Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, to big independent stars like The Elite who are Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.


The first AEW titled event on May 25th, 2019 was called Double or Nothing which took place in the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. A highlight from the night was when Dustin Rhodes and Cody Rhodes concluded a match by hugging after a bloody brawl, which the crowd cheered and clapped for. The match itself was rated 5 stars from the Wrestling Observer Radio which is considered a valuable achievement in the industry.

18 years later, history has repeated itself and found a new pro wrestling war that commences in the fall season of 2019. On October 2nd, 2019 the debut episode of All Elite Wrestling will take place at the Capital One Arena is on the same TV channel Nitro previously aired on. Dynamite will be the challenger competing in the ratings bout with WWE’s NXT. Thus it is the revival of the pro wrestling wars with channel flipping and DVR watching. Former and current fans of wrestling are optimistic about the future of professional wrestling and the opportunity of entertaining competition between brands.