Get to Know a Student Athlete: Alondra Vargas

Garcia, Melanie, Reporter

Vargas, Alondra - Athlete Spotlight

“Go for it and commit!”says student athlete, Alondra Vargas. Alondra Vargas is a junior in the education program, and is currently playing for her zoned school, Valley High School. Alondra has played 3 sports throughout her 3 years in high school. She is currently playing Volleyball, and switches between left side hitter and setter. When I asked her what’s her favorite sport to play, she replied with “ Hands down Flag Football, there’s always action going, but the main reason for me was because of my team.” “ My team literally made everything so fun and exciting, it was always a great time.” Although Alondra says that it has been hard balancing school with sports, she definitely makes sure she gets things done even if she doesn’t get sleep. What motivates her to do sports is when people doubt her or even when she doubts herself. She continued by telling me there was a time where her teammate told her she wasn’t good enough and asked to take her place. But she made it a priority to work hard and practice on her own time, “ And by the end of that season I got a trophy and was nominated as team captain, I always look back on what I can accomplish anything if I really want it.”.Alondra’s advice to anyone who wants to join a sport is to go for it and commit. “Sports are so fun and definitely an amazing experience but you have to commit to it so that means always try your best to do great.” A quote that Alondra always keeps to remind herself is “ You’re busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your potential.”