Antonio Brown Leaves The NFL

Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown, has been signed off from the Oakland Raiders on September 7th, Antonio Brown had 0 minutes playing time and was at practice with the Raiders. At practice, a conflict between Mike Mayock, general manager of the Raiders, and Antonio Brown happened, he said profanity to the manager, the Raiders were disappointed with him and fined him $29.125 million guaranteed money from his contract. Raiders also fined Antonio to 2 unexcused preseason games, the fine for not going to the games was about $54,000.

Antonio Brown decided to speak up for himself and was saying that the money deduction was unreasonable and he requested for his contract to be voided, the Raiders voided his contract immediately. Antonio Brown wanted to leave the team because he believes that they didn’t treat him like the star wide receiver he is, by expressing his own thoughts on an Instagram post.

On September 7, 2019, Antonio Brown has officially signed with the New England Patriots, coincidentally, being on the same day the Raiders had released him. It is reported that the Patriots were the only team that has given him an offer after this whole debacle with the Oakland Raiders. For his very first game with the Patriots against the Miami Dolphins, Brown did pretty well, and actually got a win over them. This would only last for a short while, as of September 20, 2019, Brown was officially cut from the New England Patriots due to amid sexual assault allegations, and as of that day has said: “I will no longer be playing in the NFL.”

Antonio Brown has now stated that he will not be playing in the NFL anymore, but there are many rumors that he may still, but they are very vague. His current ideas in the future are currently unknown to the public. Antonio Brown has went from promising rookie that will be in the NFL Hall of Fame to never-ending headache to the whole NFL, this has all just happened from a span of just a few months in 2019.

Antonio Brown in Patriot’s Jersey
Antonio Brown in Raider’s Jersey