Raiders? Las Vegas?

Raiders? Las Vegas?

The Raiders had more to think than the first round pick in the NFL Draft. The team has considered and wants to relocate to Las Vegas. Although some fans don’t really like the idea since they had a dense history in Oakland, California. The Raiders owner, Mark Davis, proposed to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee to build a $1.4 billion stadium  The Raiders will contribute $500 million, $200 million loan from the NFL, and another $150 from Sand Corps. Davis told the committee, “I think it’s going to be a great marriage.”

Mark Davis hopes for the team to be in Las Vegas by 2020, but there are still many obstacles blocking them. For instance, getting $750 million from public funding and convincing the minimum 23 of the 31 NFL owners to approve the move to a city which historically had an issue with the league.

Ernesto Mota, a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, also hopes that the Raiders stay in Oakland. Ernesto says, “They fit the profile of Oakland as a tough city, and I like having them as a riva;  I think if they move to Las Vegas, the rivalry will die in a few years.”

Juan Romero, a fan of the Raiders, talked about the possibility of change. As long as they stay the Raiders, keep their color and logo the same, then the culture won’t leave too much. “That rebel culture is what made them so appealing. But once you change the colors and logo, you’ve destroyed the legend of Al Davis(Mark’s father). And I don’t think Mark will do that.”

At first the team wanted to move back to Los Angeles, but the NFL approved for the Rams’ return instead of the Raiders. Fans say that if they came back to Los Angeles then it’ll be like homecoming. If they go to Las Vegas then it’ll be more fun.  They have the  opportunity to go out to Las Vegas and watch a game!

Although there are mixed reviews, many fans will continue to support the Raiders wherever they go.