Different Music Tastes

Hull-Vega, Jazmin, Reporter

Today, the style in music has changed a lot. There are different musicians creating their own style and putting their own spins on their music. Therefore, tastes in music have also changed throughout the years. I was fascinated with knowing if teenagers today are listening to the same things that their friends are listening to, or if teenagers tend to find their own way in music and go for what they really connect with. I’m also interested in knowing if everyone likes the same type of music, or if everyone is different. I asked two of my friends what type of music they listen to and I will answer as well, so that I can compare. Jazmine Jaimes said that she usually listens to a mix of Mexican music, rap and R&B. Alyssa says she listens to rap and R&B as well. I am stuck on a genre called emo rap. It seems as if everyone is almost on the same track with music tastes but have some different styles to it.