Artists that have impacted music

Espitia, Jaydon

     Over the years there have been many artists that people have stated changed the game. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and might think some artists are good when others think differently. In the 2019 83% of the age group ranging from 16-24 was proven of being the leading age group to music usage. That means that the people listening to music right now mostly are a younger generation meaning that the music taste that’s popular right now is different than it was back then. Some artists that have been impacting music as of recently have been artists like Billie Eilish, travis scott, & lana del rey. Billie Ellish started to sing when she was only 11 and she also at the time began to write her own songs as well. She became popular in 2016 and in only 4 years have grown her fanbase a lot and has really gave us a different taste in music we never knew we needed. Travis scott really impacted the rap community drastically, he as well became popular recently and really gives us the experience with his music. Each of his songs he refers to them as projects and with each one he wants to have an experience while listening. Lana del rey really grasps you with her voice. It almost seems like your in a dream because of the effects her voice has on you. She really impacted music by giving us music that really influences you.

Symbolizing the evolution of music over the years