How Old is Your Brain?

Mendenhall, Noah, Reporter

Nintendo created a franchise and now it is returning. The brain age series was an old franchise released in 2005 on the Nintendo Ds. Now it is making its way to the  Nintendo switch. The brain age series has 3 games so far and they all share a common theme: brain training.

The way it works is you check how old your brain is by doing some exercises and by measuring how fast you do it. The lowest you want your score to be is 20. The person you train with name is Dr. Ryuta Kasmina.

After you do the brain check, you start your training. There are many activities to do. You may have sudoku, sign finder, word blend, piano player and many more games. There are also activities breaks for your brain. Sometimes Dr. Ryuta Kashmina may have you do acoustics or connect the dots before you start your training.

When you start there may be only one or two activities to do. To unlock the rest you have to train for a certain amount of days. There are more than 100 sudoku puzzles to do and you can do all this at home. You might see an increase in your brain the more you do it. The price range from amazon is ranging between $15-$20 for, all the different games. It has been 9 years since the first game. Is it worth a return?