Hiding Behind The Truth

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    As of recently, supporters of the popular 25 year old, Canadian singer Justin have been left in shock after singer reveals his hidden truth to the world.  Recently Bieber decided to  reveal on Instagram that he has both Lyme Disease and chronic mononucleosis.Both being a bad combination to one individual and as a serious case by his side. Which has indeed affected his brain function, energy, and overall health. One of them known as Lyme disease which is when “a bacterial infection you get from the bite of an infected tick”. Other disease he is going through is known as Chronic Mononucleosis, known to be in “most cases of mononucleosis are caused by infection with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), once your infected with EBV you carry the virus– usually in a dormant state– for the rest of your life”. The way he went about speaking on his life was with a long paragraph filled with reasoning on past incidents and how the diseases have brought him at his worst as well as just in general so much emotion put towards his two disease problems he’s been going through. The paragraph also expresses his positive mind on the disease saying he will be back to him once he gets fully treated. Both diseases are brought through bacteria and it all brought many people’s attention and got people speaking on it. And the bad in it that actually got to Bieber as it started to trend  people online were making a joke about what he is having to go through. One thing that comes with having such a big audience is it can be overwhelming and stressful when people take you as a joke. He was being made fun of for having such a “uncommon/weak” of a disease and they were just bashing him for how “stressful and hard” the disease has been on him. Everyone saw it as it being less of a disease that cant be as bad due to there being “worse” diseases out there. Which his respond back on it was that he was “praying” for those who spoke bad upon what he was going through. Aside from that people are so careless and hurtful online thinking celebrities don’t have feelings too. Which is completely wrong because we all bleed the same and every disease is harmful and stressful things that people get and all of them have its own side affect’s that only one with it would understand. In this case Justin Bieber resulted effects from both being it caused him depression and other symptoms that was actually undiagnosed for much until last year. 


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