Comfort Zones

Sailor-Cole, Samyra, Reporter

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       Your comfort zone is a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control. Most of the time we don’t like leaving our comfort zones. So I asked some students around ECTA about their comfort zones. I asked a student (Adriel De La Cruz, 10th) how often he leaves his comfort zone, and he told me that he doesn’t leave his comfort zone. I also asked him if he likes leaving his comfort zone, and he told me that he doesn’t because that’s his comfort. He gave me an example of when he left his comfort zone: “In marketing we have presentations and to me that’s leaving my comfort zone.” I asked another student (Braden Walters, 10th) similar questions. He told me his comfort zone was being at home in his pajamas and he leaves his comfort zone every time he comes to school. He said, “sometimes it’s nice to leave your comfort zone, but for the most part, no. Just because it’s unfamiliar ground.” An example of when he left his comfort zone was when he had to speak to the manager of 4 stores in one day. Leaving your comfort zone isn’t always something you like to do, but leaving your comfort zones leads you to new things.

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