School Advice


As current students we’d like to fill you in what goes on in school and the advice needed that not many people tell you but you tend to find out as time goes by and your put in the position till your facing reality. We want to talk about the little things that can help you throughout high school. The main piece of advice we are going to begin with is to be organized. This is a big one because it is what helps you be on top of things. If you want to be an organized student, putting work in order and having things labeled is a great place to start. Not only is it fun but being creative at organizing your material will help you not lose your work which results in overall being more efficient. More advice we would like to highly advise is to have good time management and no procrastination.  It’s easy if you manage to set your schedule, plan out your day like when you will do things and always put your education first. 

Another tip is to have high ambition towards goals you want to make throughout school and for your future. It is smart to do start off with small goals because it gives you purpose to keep doing good in school. Our fourth piece of advice is to always speak up and ask questions. Sometimes a quick question can help you so much and that person that is too shy to ask the same thing will now understand. It is important to express ideas and understanding information or else you’ll be lost and then it will only get stressful. Asking questions is as important as listening, it’s important to listen because it not only helps you know what to get done but hearing different sides may help you in the future. 

Always be involved in school, it is not only a good experience but you learn and meet people can impact you in the near future. Don’t ever feel too cool to participate in school activities,  it helps you learn things and grow from the experiences and it’s a great way to express your interest in things. Lastly, taking tests and quizzes is done so often in school so finding good ways to study that work for you would be advised. It is important to take notes so you can always go back and study so you can ace that test. A study tip is to find a comfy place where you can be away from disturbance and focus your mind, all it takes is effort. Overall these are a few tips you usually hear so often and really should consider and use. They are important and do change lives as a student. School can sometimes be hard and stressful but all it takes is the right mindset and the ambition to want better for yourself.