Culinary takes on Shakespeare


East Tech’s talented drama students put on an incredible performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream this past Wednesday, March 1st, Thursday, March 2nd, and Friday, March 3rd.   This was truly a unique experience for all who attended, as Mrs. Vlaming’s drama students collaborated with Chef Hull, Chef Watkins, and Chef Zdanis’s culinary students, to tie food into the theme of the play.

Everyone in the play did a magnificent job re-creating this Shakespearean classic. It was very well done and I am bummed I was not able to watch it a second time.  Mrs. Vlaming did an amazing job directing all of her actors and actresses and making sure they did their very best.

However, this article is not about how amazing the actors were; I am here to talk about the food!

The culinary program at East Tech is fantastic. Every year, they make sure the food ties in with the theme of the play and make it taste exquisite. Since this year was a Shakespearean play, they did an older style of food.

During  intermission, the audience was released by table to get their food. There were two lines set up where you were served by the culinary students.  After getting  dinner, the audience walked through a beautiful archway to get  dessert. Following the dessert, they were greeted back into the banquet hall by fairies  to enjoy their meal.

I made sure to try everything so that I would have the opportunity to test all of culinary’s dishes. The first thing that I tried were the broccoli stalks. They were steamed to perfection and had just the right amount of seasoning; no one seasoning overpowered the other.

The next dish that I tried was the potato wedges. Now those were excellent!  The seasoning on the potatoes was great, with just the right amount of oil and cooked to perfection .  

Another dish served was a Waldorf Apple Salad. It was two slices of apple that had nuts and vegetables in the middle to make little sandwiches. It had so many interesting flavors and was very delectable.

There was also rosemary chicken that was so juicy and not at all dry. I don’t know how they did it, but they definitely knocked it out of the park with their chicken.

However, my favorite dish was the Beggar’s Purse.  Basically, this is a crepe usually stuffed with a savory filling; culinary made theirs with vegetables inside. The purse  was so flaky and crisped perfectly and the vegetables in it were excellent. The beggar’s purse was well complemented with the roll wreath in the middle of the table.

The final dish of the meal was dessert- fruit tarts that were served with homemade whip cream. Let me just say that these were to die for!
East Tech’s culinary program and Mrs. Vlaming’s drama students are all very talented. The collaboration  of these two powerhouses made for one unforgettable night.   So much hard work was put in on both ends, and it showed.  Both departments owe a big a big thank you to one another for making the show such a wonderful experience.