Culinary Bake Sale


It’s that time of the year again where culinary students are preparing for their annual bake sale.  Make sure to buy your tasty treats just in time for Thanksgiving!

Year after year, it is tradition for the culinary students to make and sell dinner rolls ($5 a dozen), pumpkin logs ($10), pumpkin pies ($6), and apple pies ($7). Dinner rolls are made by the Junior culinary students, pumpkin logs are made by the Freshman and Sophomore culinary students, and pumpkin and apple pies are made by the senior culinary students. The goal each year is to sell more than the previous year. The money raised through the bake sale helps fund the students cooking utilities every year. It also goes towards helping culinary and education students get to FCCLA competitions. 

This year, you can order these goods either from a culinary or education student around East Tech. The deadline for any purchase is on November 10th, 2016. All those who purchased will receive their order the week before Thanksgiving break. Culinary students will personally deliver your order!  You will receive your delicious goods just in time for Thanksgiving to enjoy with friends and family.

We took the time to ask Chef Zdanis some questions about this year’s bake sale. He said his goal was to sell more this year than they did last year.  Last year, they sold a little over 900 pumpkin logs; this year he hopes to sell closer to 1,100. 

The rolls are absolutely the best and are even better when pre-heated before eating. As for the pumpkin logs, they are awesome! Pumpkin is definitely the right way to get in the mood for fall. This also applies to the pumpkin pies. Finally, the apple pies. Whenever we hear apple pies we think of Thanksgiving and eating them with our family and enjoying the wonderful flavors of the season.  We all hope you enjoy some of these yummy treats  this Thanksgiving!