Instagram Likes, Necessary or Not

Dabu, Katelyn

   Instagram has proposed that likes on posts will not be shown because many tend to pay attention to one’s likes rather than the actual post. This proposal took place in November of 2019 and there are many mixed feelings about the plan. 

   Many responses were positive and were excited for something like this to be implemented to Instagram. On Instagram, not only does a person’s audience pay attention to the likes, but the person who posted it themself may tend to pay attention to their own likes. With the like counter taken away, the audience’s attention focuses on the main topic, the post. A student at East Tech said that “this idea is very beneficial especially to our youth generation because part of our society began normalizing judging people by the number of likes.” 

   Although it does direct people’s attention to the post, Instagram can be a source of income for many influencers around the world. Another student at East Tech said, “As an aspiring influencer myself, the likes can be helpful in a way, but it can also harm the plans I have for myself and what I try to promote. Readjusting the plan is the safest way of keeping up with the change, but it might not work out.” 

   With a variety of response towards Instagram trial period of removing the amount of likes shown, it is hard to determine whether their proposal is exactly helpful or not. It is safe to say that there are pros and cons to it. What do you think?