For a while now, the catchy catchphrase between millennials and boomers that bounced from one place to another, has built a frequent theme. ‘Boomers’ the generation born between the years 1946 and 1964. Often used by the millennial generation and generation Z to mock their attitudes and their way of thinking. They can be seen used in social apps, comment sections, and basically anywhere where a person above 30 says something patronizing about young generations and young people

     Younger generations often find boomers “out of touch” and “too confused in our generation.” Older generations grew up in a different mind set and view the world from another perspective so a handful of them are stubborn in that perspective. Since the world is changing, millenials and the Z generation would rather complain and focus on today’s problems or topics that the baby boomer generation would most likely care less about. When a topic is rambled between the two generations, that’s where the trendy catchphrase comes in. 

     The term “OK Boomer” was popularized mainly through the app Tik Tok and was used as far back as 2015.  The platform Instagram helped wide spread it across the globe through its media sharing capabilities of memes. The reason for the blow of the term was due to the complains of the use of “Ok Boomer” published by news, describing it as a new derogatory term.

     Some began claiming that the term is “equivalent to the n-word” but instead used on the older generation, says Thinking that “it’s dividing the two generations to two parts”. Others just strongly discourage the term to be used in general as it spreads the word of activism and a plain insult itself. However, others view it in a positive way as if the older generation is criticizing the young activists and the term is just a response of “You can keep talking, but we’re going to make a change.” (Vox) As if after all, younger generations are the ones resolving the problems that the older generations has once caused and they too were once activists. 

     At the end of the day OK boomer is just a hysterical response to a lot of boomers. But to them, it can be very disrespectful but most likely to end in the same position.